Weekend Update

These people might be Blue Jays fans, but this girl? can execute one hell of a keg stand. I bring you the "Keg Stand of the Week."

Friday the Brewers shocked everyone by trading Chris Dickerson, a potentially starting outfielder and excellent base-runner, to the Yankees for Sergio Mitre, a spot-starting relief pitcher with a career 5.27 ERA. OMSF had high hopes for Dickerson so this trade is a bit of a disappointment. Plus Mitre looks just like the busboy from Seinfeld that Constanza get’s fired before Kramer let’s his cat get out of his apartment. Look’s like a real a-hole. [MLB.com]

Happy belated birthday to Corey Hart. He turned 29 last Thursday. While he had previously set his birth date as an important milestone in his road recovery and he would like us all to believe he was toiling in the rehab facility trying to make this a reality, OMSF knows what he was really up to. I’ll give you a hint, it involves a new charm for his dream-catcher tattoo. [MLB.com]

Another WTF! moment from Brewers Camp occurred Sunday as infield/outfield prospect Cutter Dykstra was traded to the Nationals for Nyjer “It’s pronounced Ny-jer” Morgan. Kyle at Brew Crew Ball said it best:

Morgan is a career .283/.344/.360 career hitter, but took a significant step back last year in his age 29 season, posting a .253/.319/.314 line. Yes, that’s a .314 slugging percentage to round out a .633 OPS. Among players who posted at least 500 plate appearances in 2010, that was the fifth worst OPS in baseball.

Enough said. [Brew Crew Ball]

The Brewers did manage to play some baseball last week amongst all the roster changes. They won 4 in a row before losing 1-2 to the White Sox yesterday and are currently 2 games out of first in the Cactus League standings. Again, it’s just spring training, but it’s good to see that the hitters are primed and that there have been some solid outings for some of the pitchers. Sit tight, in just a couple days we can talk about real baseball.

Looks like Nike beat One-Man Sausage Fest to the punch with their new line of legendary baseball mustache t-shirts. This is just like the time Procter & Gamble stole my idea for the Swiffer mop. (True story.) See you in hell Phil Knight. [Nike.com]

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